Open House & Faire of Making

DANM has invited students, alumni, campus and community groups, and local arts and technology organizations to participate in an interactive Faire of Making, from 10am – 4pm during It’s pan-DANM-onium! 

Explore the grounds and labratories of the Digital Arts Research Center in celebration of the collaborative spirit of arts and technology in Santa Cruz and at UCSC.

Projects include:

3D Design and Animation
The MakersFactory staff will used a 3D scanner to scan audience members on-site and demonstrate how models can be quickly animated and printed using software and 3D printers.

Porter College MakerSpace Co-op
LED Throwies and Stampmaking
Members of Porter’s MakerSpace Co-op will assist participants in the creation of “LED throwies.” Participants can then toss the magnetic “throwies” at a spinning wheel to win one of the handmade prizes.

Heather Logas (DANM ‘12)
This is Your Life
Loosely structured on the classic This Is Your Life radio and television program, the artist as game show host will assist visitors in revisiting their lives and constructing biographical board games to take home and share with others.

UCSC Sustainability Office, Education & Outreach
Recycle Relay and Energy Consumption
Participate in a tabletop “recycle relay” game in which participants compete to properly sort common items in recycle, compost or trash. Use a wattmeter with common electrical items (cell charger, laptop, lamp) to see how much energy you really use.

Collective Water Collective (Matthew Jamieson (DANM ‘14) Seth Andrews, Elliot Taylor)
Counter Space
CWC will construct an outdoor lounge, made of entirely recycled and locally harvested materials, including bamboo and palates. The chaise lounges and umbrellas will serve as a space where visitors and DANM artists can feel comfortable relaxing, and perhaps posing questions.

Impact Designs: Engineering and Sustainability through Student Service (IDEASS)

IDEASS will construct a 20% scale model of a 60-foot, six-story fully sustainable structure ready to be equipped with wind turbine and water catchment systems.

Printmakers at the Tannery
Monotype Printing
Design and ink a plexiglass plate, and use it to make a unique print on a tabletop printing press.

DANM Rapid Prototyping Lab
Vacuform Mask Making
Tour DANM’s Rapid Prototyping Lab, and use the vacuform machine to make and decorate a plastic mask, to wear to the Masquerade Ball at 8pm.